Sleeve Rock With Symbol Tattoo Designs

Sleeve Girls Rock With Symbol Tattoo DesignsSleeve Girls Rock With Symbol Tattoo Designs
Sleeve Girls Rock With Symbol Tattoo DesignsSleeve Rock With Symbol Tattoo Designs

Best Quality Koi Fish Tattoos Pictures Designs

Koi fish tattoos have their roots in the thousands of years of Asian culture and one of the most beloved animals that represent good luck. Koi tattoo designs are based on the species of carp that are bred for their lavish colors, with scenes depicting the beauty of nature.

Koi Fish Tattoo on Back up

While koi fish tattoos can be interpreted with different meanings, there are also many similarities in their use. Today, this design is popular with women as well as men, even though it is considered a masculine symbol. But in Asian culture koi fish tattoos have different meanings.
When the koi fish tattoo is displayed going against the grain or swimming upstream, it can be taken to be strength in adversary and the power to meet the challenge. This design speaks to the courage to be true to who you are, even if mainstream society disagrees.

Koi Fish Tattoo on Arm

This design can also be used to represent your triumph over struggle. Truly made from the stuff of legends, koi fish tattoos are used to symbolize the quest this king of fish has faced. In China it’s said that any koi fish that could climb to the Dragon Gate would become a dragon.

Koi Fish Tattoo for Men

Many of the stories of the “dragon-fish” have inspired many tattoo designs that capture the beauty and power of the koi fish. These tattoos look fabulous on the back or arm, depending on the size of the design. For luck or power, tribal koi fish tattoos work well on the chest as well as the back area.

Koi Fish Tattoo Beautiful color

Cute Koi Fish Tattoo

Black Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi Fish Tattoo on Hand