Dragon Tattoos Designs - How to Choose the Right One

JapaneTatto35Tattoos have long since been a form of self expression. Ever since hundreds of years ago, people or the members of the tribes in the past have used it as a way to communicate to others their experiences, both triumphant and their downfalls. For them, the marking on their body told a story, a story about surviving and coming out victorious. They have made their bodies as a canvass for these artsy drawings and writings.

In the modern times, tattoos are also used as self-expression. People choose the tattoos they want to represent what they feel or what they're passionate about. Some people choose drawings or graphic tattoos, while others pick writing tattoos, those that are in a foreign language just to express their sentiments.

There are lots of different tattoo styles to choose from. There are gothic designs, medieval tattoo designs, angel tattoos, sports tattoos, etc. There's a wide variety to choose from. All you have to do is to research online about the designs that catch your eye and read about what it means and what should be the best style for you.

One of the most popular among the tattoos are the dragon tattoos designs. These designs are chosen by people with strong personalities. Dragon tattoos are influenced by the cultures of both Chinese and Japanese roots. It was not only until a few centuries ago that Western civilization has taken a fascination in Eastern tattoo designs. According to the Far Eastern culture, the dragon represents the four elements which are fire, wind, water and earth, and at the same time also stands for the four directions, north, south, east and west. A dragon is looked upon as a creature with mystical powers and wisdom beyond the years. But most of the time, it is regarded as a creature of bad temper. It is merely amoral, not choosing between bad and good.japanesetattoo10
Aside from the Japanese and Chinese dragons, there are also dragon tattoos designs of Europe and Tribal dragon tattoos designs. The European dragoon tattoos symbolize ethereality like the fairies and wood nymphs of lore. Tribal dragoon tattoos however, show a much bolder and a stronger side to tattoo designs.dragon-tattoo-women7640384440oooi00
Dragon tattoos designs come in different sizes and forms. It could either just be the word dragon in Japanese or Chinese characters, a head of a dragon, or the whole dragon. For most people, a dragon symbolizes rebirth, the cycle of life and death. It simply shows the balance of nature; what it creates, it also destroys. Dragons are said to be very spiritual creatures. It is regarded as a creature of immense intelligence and compassion. A dragon can mean life or health, but mostly, it is thought of as something that shows power and longevity. Thus it is known that dragons are immortal creatures and they have power over the land.Dragon-Tattoo-Art512-ff00ff
Whatever design you choose, make sure that it represents your personality and who you really are. Dragon tattoos show power and intelligence.