Lower Back Tattoo Designs, Pictures and Ideas

Lower Back Tattoo DesignsIn the latter part of the 1990’s, lower back tattoos became all the rage, and for good reason. The location is one of the most sexy and feminine parts of the female body, and gives you the choice of keeping it secret in a conservative style of dress or letting it show with a casual style, such as a crop shirt and hip-hugger jeans. The popular V shape that most tattoos on the lower back display gives balance to the art and further flatters the already curvy shape of a woman’s body. The showing of the lower back is often thought of as a way for a woman to exhibit her confidence and sex appeal. Adding lower back tattoos further accentuates the effect, making the lower back an excellent place to display the art that expresses both the secret and sensual qualities of a woman’s personality. In some religions, the lower back is believed to be the residence of the Kundalini, or coiled energy, and in others, the Shakti, which is the female aspect of the universe. Both of these beliefs are just more reasons that the lower back is a wonderful place to showcase a special tattoo.

When it comes to lower back tattoos, or any tattoo for that matter it is wise to consider whether you would like there to be meaning behind the art, or if you are just looking for something to express your personal style. If meaning is important to you, here are some suggestions to help make the process of choosing a design a little simpler:flower Back Tattoo picturess

The flowering lotus is one of the most popular designs for lower back tattoos. With its, buds, flowers, and pods, the design has come to symbolize the past, present, and future. Incorporating the lotus with a sanskrit or tribal design, the symbolism of the flower is showcased by your personal style while creating a balanced, symmetrical tattoo.

The Kundalini, which was mentioned earlier, is referred to in yoga as our inner snake-like energy. For such reason, the snake makes an excellent choice for lower back tattoos. Another way to express your energy within may be a design incorporating the Minoin snake goddess. When centered, then paired with furling vines, the design makes a statement of both strength and femininity.

If you are looking for a design that is merely an unframed image, a presentation of an eagle spreading its wings is one example that would suit such a request. The extended wingspan would keep the desirable V shape that is so popular for lower back tattoos, and the eagle is known as the symbol of courage and desire to explore the unknown, making this image a solid choice for the independent and daring woman.cherry blossom tattoos

Another thing to consider when planning lower back tattoos is the size. Take into account the type of image you have chosen, and how bold of a statement you wish to make. Designs with lots of color will be much bolder than those of a grey scale, so you may want to choose a slightly smaller size to avoid the possibility of the tattoo appearing overbearing. Yet be cautious of choosing a design that is too small, as this may broaden the appearance of your back. It is your personal decision on what is right for you when choosing between the many options for lower back tattoos