Body Piercing

Body  PiercingDeana's Triangle Piercing Experience: October 1978, a shopping mall in rural Michigan: It's 2 days before my 16th birthday, and so excited as I'm finally allowed to have my ears pierced! We mark the holes...and BAM...the gun pierces my left ear. I scream an unearthly scream that the whole southwestern portion of the state can hear and shake my head, holding my ear and running around in a circle like a rabid dog. It takes my support crew almost an hour to convince me to let them do the other ear. This one didn't hurt so bad, but I jerked and they are crooked. After 2 months of infections I remove them.

Summer 1985, the back room of a night club I'm working at in Fairbanks Alaska: Another gun, another dot of ink...this time in my left nostril. After wedging the gun painfully into position by boss comes in and sees what we are up to and asks me what I'm doing. I excitedly explain (with the gun in my nose) I want a diamond chip just like the one I glued there for Halloween last year only real...she says, "Oh that's good, and if you pierce your lip with a bone too, you can attach them with a chain and look like a Ugandan!" ...I didn't get the piercing.

December 2002 in San Jose California: I'm 40 years old and I just got off the phone with my boyfriend who has big multiple piercing in his ears, his nipples, and several tattoos. The first man in my life to have these unique play toys attached to or decorating his person. He's 6'4", 240lbs., big, scary, and takes care of dying people in their homes. He requires a body that big to hold his heart. We have discussed my aversion to piercings and pain in general a few times in the 2 years we have been together. The most pressure he ever exerted on me was to tell me he thinks I'd be so sexy if I got some small bars in my ears and explained that my terrible experience was because they used a gun and it causes unnecessary bruising, pain and swelling. I told him don't hold your breath because I would never deliberately subject my self to feel pain and I'm afraid of needles. But the seed was planted.Body  Piercing

Anyway, back to the story. I was talking on the phone with Roger, he had a new piercing done on his eyebrow in my absence. I told him about a girl at work who had her nipples done, and he wistfully sighed over my unadorned state, and admitted he never had a girlfriend who had any piercings, but he kissed a girl with a tongue ring once. Well that somehow set me into action and I thought to myself, I'm in California, just up the road from San Francisco, where there all kinds of piercing experts. I'm thinking Roger made a few noises about my ears, but we know what he really wants done now don't we? Part of my reluctance was not wanting one of Roger's friends at home in Alaska to do it. I do internet searches and discover [this site's] very informational explanations of different kinds of piercings and it is [this site's] picture of the Triangle that inspires me. (Note from Karen: the picture she is referring to was actually a link to a page on ) I go to San Francisco and hang out at a coffee shop where I see lots of pierced and tattooed people and ask them about their piercings and where they had them done. I go back to my computer and do a search on some of the places they talked about. I called 3 of them and made a connection with Tom's voice at Gotham. He explained he has been specializing in female genital piercings for 8 years and the type of piercing I want is tricky. He didn't promise me I could get it, just that we would examine me to see if I was suited for it.

I made an appointment for that Friday. We talked for over an hour and he told me other stories. He has lots of couples come in together and due to the sexual element of genital piercings, many people choose to have them done at the moment of orgasm! I was too nervous for that and Roger wasn't with me, and I want to make it clear he didn't make me feel like it was required or anything like that, it's just how a lot of people get off. I explained the piercing itself was what I dreaded, I wasn't interested in the "pinch" or needle insertion, which is what many people get a sexual charge out of, but that the pretty jewelry adornment was my goal. He was very understanding of my fear and just asked if I really wanted to do this. I said yes and we began the examination process to see what I was suited for. tattoo artistHe was very pleased with my anatomy and recommended I go with a 10 gauge straight bar. Only one other woman he'd pierced had this and he was happy to be able to do another one. All the other Triangles he had done were with curved bars or rings because they didn't have enough room for a bar. I said ok and we began the preparation.

He used a forceps to hold me in place in case I moved and very lightly rubbed my clitoris to help me relax. He asked me if I was ready and as I began to say "yes", it turned into a "YeOOOOOwwwwww" and it was done! The pain was gone, we took a few pictures with the needle inserted (if you want one) and then placed the jewelry. I went back a week later to have a smaller bar put in as we used a slightly longer one in case of swelling, which there was none of.

Two weeks later I had the balls on the ends replaced with Cubic Zircon I ordered and I'm so pleased with it! I have decided to extent my stay in California and Roger is joining me at the end on the month. We plan to go back to Tom where Roger and I will get his first piercing below the belt together. I'll let you know how both piercings work with 2 people if you want! I want you to know that it was [this site's] information that inspired me and that is why I sent [my] pictures as I'm not in the habit of sending my private parts off into cyber space. But the few other pictures I found were of poor quality, and if my story or pictures inspire other women I'm glad to be of help!